Who’s Your Neighbour?

While traveling to and from work, I’ve been listening to a course on The Art of Teaching. On a brief section about historically great teachers (Socrates, Jesus, etc.), the story of the Good Samaritan was mentioned as a powerful and simple teaching tool. I love this story. It would be fascinating to know more about the man who stopped and

  • risked personal safety (bandits would sometimes put a fake injured person out to draw potential victims in close)
  • nursed a stranger with bandages, oil, and wine
  • delayed his own trip
  • walked when he had a donkey
  • paid out present and future costs

Genuine compassion and mercy evidence in action. Though I love this story, it took me a minute to figure out why it made me cry.

Well, my Facebook feed has been full of refugee fear. One of my kids keeps asking, “Don’t people understand that they are running away from the same threat?” And I think that I am sad that people I know, love, respect are so fearful.

Perfect love casts out fear.

When we receive Christ’s love, let His Spirit fill us up, then love, compassion, mercy have room to flourish.

But when fearful refugees are fearfully, angrily disregarded, ignored, we cross the global street and do all we can to avoid them, it looks to me like in this moment fear is winning. We are walking away, just as the priest and Levite did. Please watch and meet a young woman and consider what we can do for one like her.


And yet, since God is love, and He’s already defeated evil in an eternal sense, current fear based policies won’t be the final voice. These refugees will find a place to settle, to grieve, to rebuild, and ultimately, to flourish.

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