Easter Saturday – no traditions aside from cooking and cleaning for Easter Sunday. This year we went away, coming back just in time to join our church to celebrate Easter. So I wasn’t prepping and had time to think about what it would have been like 2,000 years ago on Easter Saturday.

Some ways we’ve celebrated:

Easter Thursday:  Praying with Christ, Seder meals, Lord’ Supper

Good Friday – Gathering with the church, wearing black, decorating with a crown of thorns.

Easter Sunday – sunrise, celebrating resurrection, big meal, friends and family, kids act out the play, egg hunts, hope, new life, new dress, etc.

Easter Monday – family day to rest and play in nature

but Easter Saturday – nothing

I’m thinking it was the worst day ever for Christ’s disciples.

What I might have felt if I was at the first Easter Saturday:


  • Why didn’t He heed the warnings?
  • Why are the religious leaders, the ones I used to respect, so threatened, so evil?
  • Why didn’t He free Israel?
  • Why didn’t He ride the wave of popularity from the week before?
  • What was Judas thinking?
  • Why did I run?
  • Why did I deny?
  • What have I been doing the last three years? wasting my life?


  • Will I be arrested too?
  • What else did Judas tell them?
  • If I’m crucified, who will take care of my family?
  • Well, I’ve followed a loser and let my business go, will we ever recover financially?
  • Who can I trust?
  • Who are really my friends?
  • What if I never find a teacher I respect like that again?
  • As much as the others drove me crazy, I liked have a close group of friends. What if I feel this lonely forever?


  • I loved Him, and He is gone.
  • Judas drove me crazy, but I had no idea he would betray us or kill himself.
  • I loved Him, and I ran away.
  • I loved Him, and I feel so utterly alone.
  • Why didn’t I ask him about __________? I’ve been meaning to, and now I’ll never know.
  • The glimpses I was getting of the Kingdom of God were beautiful, hopeful, and now they are foolish and pointless.


Easter Sunday means so much more when I consider the despair of having given your life, your time, your opportunities, your trust to someone and to see it all shattered.

death of someone I love = grief

crucifixion of someone I love = torture

fear of being associated with a rebel and the consequences = terror

giving three years of my life to a lost cause = despair, shame, frustration

Easter Saturday = THE WORST DAY EVER


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