Underground connections

photo 1
Living stump

A quick family tramp through Cathedral Park led me to this stump. A cut down or fallen tree is a dead tree in my estimation, so the fact that this stump lives because of the underground connections. Well, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks.

Seems to me community creates the life giving, nourishing for humans when we fall down or feel cut down by life. I may look dead, wish I could escape the current season of life, but the interconnections with other people brings words, songs, images that are lifegiving and nourishing.

When I can’t capture the sonlight, others share a truth, a word, a worship song, a Scripture, and my soul is fed. Other friends sit with me, bring a meal, change a floor, and their thoughtful presence nourishes. When I can’t think helpful thoughts, others listen to my hurt, fears, and anger. Praying for my thinking to move into the light.

We have a professor friend who has traveled the world with prayer walking teams. He tells of going to difficult places with these praying people. All were supposed to have developed their own prayer team at home. Not all did. Those who had more people at home praying for them had more strength and stamina. All participants were mature people of faith, but the interconnections strengthened.

Some situations can’t be quickly improved, but those who are interconnected can give life nourishing sharing to what looks dead and give life.

community CPR

Spiritual root to root

photosynthesis by connection




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