Best Decision EVER

Today is our anniversary. Yesterday running around each other in the kitchen for food prep, I stopped, looked at Craig, and said, “Besides following Jesus, you are the best decision I’ve ever made.”

One of the kids overheard, smiled, liked it. I explained that in terms of dailiness and life trajectory and overall contentedness, who I married influences more of my life than any other aspect except following Jesus. In my case, marrying Craig has added immense joy and wisdom.

I was early in my peer group to marry, and in the first year a friend asked if I liked being married. I paused, thought (early marriage is hard), and I stated, “I like being married to Craig.” That’s still true. The person my heard is bonded and bounded to  – what a good man, what a funny human, what a talented musician, what a kind heart, what a loving husband, what a hard worker, what a tenacious thinker, what an amiable servant, and what a tremendously  attentive father.

photo (16)

Last night I rethought my best decision ever statement because actually the quality of marriage, and I think probably any meaningful relationship, is the result of a million little decisions.

I chose and continue to choose to

  • recognize what you do
  • enjoy hearing about what catches your attention and your mind and your interest
  • share experiences with you
  • talk through differences
  • consider your perspective
  • laugh
  • guess you mean well even when the impact misses the mark a bit
  • share meals
  • take walks
  • ask questions
  • sing and dance
  • to picnic at the beach

So the best decisions in life keep being decided in the mini-decisions of my life. I keep deciding you.12189514_10153882056966844_7958973417408756942_o


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