Let the little children come

Sometimes I see Christlikeness in the most unexpected places.

Last night I took my daughter to a birthday party, a birthday extravaganza to be precise – a feast and every activity imaginable. And at this fete I saw a reenactment of Jesus letting the little children come. You know the story where his disciples wanted to keep Jesus from being hassled by the children who were naturally attracted to him, but Jesus received and blessed the children.

When Korki the clown arrived, the birthday girl’s older brother became very excited, excited in a way that only a non-verbal teen can get. As the young man’s excitement drew attention, the clown warmly greeted him. Then she explained to the 159 other people in the room that they are old friends as she had gone to his birthday when he was younger. Yes she is trained to relate to children and probably to do improv, but what she did was brilliant and beautiful. She welcomed him; she let the children come. She reduced the anxiety in the room; she normalized neurological differences. She kindly received his natural attraction to her colourful, kind, entertaining self.

photo (21)

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