Hello,  This blog was started basically as an on-line journal to collect quotes, musings, and thoughts.  Friends far and wide could interact as they choose, and I could find the bits and pieces I used to keep on paper.

Recently our lives have been enhanced with a new little girl, so much of thoughts are in that direction, and this allows people who have shared life with us to share in this transition.

I enjoy people, and I enjoy reflecting.  Blogging can connect these two.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ellen, delighted to read you are blogging. Our visit was an immense blessing to my soul. Love you and looking forward to learning from you 🙂 God has always used you as an instrument to speak directly to my heart. Love and prayers, Susie


  2. Hey my dear friend, I have thought of you often these last few months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. Preparing for Mindys wedding in October and reminiscing about the days/nights that she spent with you and Craig. Y’all are precious memories etched in her memory. Would love to catch up with you and Craig. Think of you often!!! Love you much, karen


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